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Wireless Casinos

Play Casino Games on Your Phone or PDA


WirelessCasinos.Net the world's first dedicated Wireless Casinos portal introduces Slotland and its new wireless games. Enjoy Lucky Stars on your Cell Phone.

World's First Real-Time Wireless Casino for real money: Winward Casino. This casino is now available for Pocket PC® and Palm OS® devices.

Winward Casino was established in 1998, and since then has delivered the Best Bet on the Net. Enjoy interactive experience on your mobile device wirelessly at Internet land-line speeds!

Winward Casino Wireless brings anytime and anywhere functionality with true single account convenience! And it's FREE to use!

Feel like playing a few hands of Blackjack at the airport lounge? How about trying your luck after a hard day's work? How about a few games of Video Poker at the beach?

Winward offer 17 games in total!

The following features include:

  • Rich interactive entertainment on your mobile device at Internet land-line speeds (NO slow browsers!)
  • Games for PocketPC® and PalmOS® devices Real-time wagering for real money
  • True single account convenience (use the same account ID and password that you use at WinwardCasino.com)
  • Fully secure experience with 128-bit encryption technology (same protection as your Internet wagering)
  • Anytime, Anywhere convenience
  • Winward Casino Wireless is free to download and use.

    Play Casino Games on Your Phone or PDA


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